A crime that ended innocence.  It was a Tuesday afternoon in Victoria Park when a woman named Honora Mary Parker was murdered by her daughter, Pauline Yvonne Parker and Juliet Marion Hulme with a half brick in a stocking.   A court proceeding found both girls guilty of the crime committed on June 22, 1954 in the city of Christchurch.   

This disturbing and brutal act has been discussed and debated for almost sixty years making it one of the most famous crimes in history.  Reflections of the Past is a documentary film exploring the relationship of Pauline & Juliet and the murder case. 

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An Open Discussion on the Parker Hulme Murder Case

“There’s poignancy in the imagery and thoughtful dissection of the girls’ relationship.”

Helene Wong - NZ Listener

“Fascinating look at the murder which gets your mind ticking, leaving you to make your own conclusions.”

Jacqui Stanford -

“The non-fiction treatment invites some serious insights and it’s still a fascinating topic decades later.”

Sunday Star Times - New Zealand

Over 40 years as a celebrity journalist and movie reviewer, I have watched literally hundreds of documentaries, I place this one in my all time top five. Over the years, I have read and watched accounts on this case with much interest.  Alexander Roman’s attention to detail in production and writing is outstanding.

David H.W. Hartnell, MNZM Patron

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